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We focus on areas of law that help families. Our firm helps families with a variety of services, including adoptions and guardianships. We also can assist with estate planning and probate when needed. Our team will be beside you each step of the way, guiding you through a potentially overwhelming and complicated legal process.



Our goal is to help families feel supported and informed throughout the entire process. We want to help make your dream family become a reality. The area of law we practice takes a special attorney to understand the complex dynamics of adoption. The adoption process is complicated and each family that comes into our office is unique. For al involved–birth parents and adoptive families–we want to make sure everyone involved in the process has sensitive guidance to understand each step.

Mark and Rob


“..not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful that Mary K was brought into our lives.”


Mark and Rob matched with a young birth mother who was living in the St. Augustine area with very little support from family or friends. The couple quickly became close to their birth mother, often driving hours to meet her for a meal or doctor’s appointment. An open adoption comes with challenges but Mark and Rob handled each of these challenges with kindness and grace. Mark stated, “Mary K provided us not just with her valuable time and legal expertise, but with her much needed compassion and kindheartedness.





Estate Planning



Guardianship provides protection for individuals who are incapacitated. A guardianship enables this protection by allowing a Guardian to manage the finances, housing, healthcare, and safety of the incapacitated individual. Guardianships can be extremely sensitive for families and our goal throughout the process is to work with the family to make the process as smooth and non-disruptive as possible. We will help guide you through the process and encourage healthy relationships amongst families in an attempt to make the process as comfortable as possible for all involved.

Laura and Rick


“They were able to adopt within a reasonable time of beginning the process.”


Laura and Rick spent many years attempting to conceive before moving on to adoption. Hard working scientists, they were committed to their adoption budget and saved resources by matching on their own instead of through an agency. While it took an incredible amount of work and patience, there were able to adopt within a reasonable time of beginning the process. Matching directly also facilitated a very positive and loving relationship with their birth mother.

Let us help your family through this process.

Birth Mothers


Birth parents are incredibly brave and selfless. Birth parents place for adoption because they want their child to have the life they couldn’t have. Our goal is to assist the birth parents in a manner that enables them to feel confident about their decision to place the best interest of the child above their own. We seek to make the process as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

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