When Family Needs to Help Family

Our firm handles all aspects of the guardianship process. A guardian is appointed by the court in situations when a person is mentally incapacitated, when a minor receives assets in excess of $15,000 or when a person is developmentally disabled and a guardian advocate must be appointed.

If proper estate planning documents are not put into place prior to becoming incapacitated, the court may determine that a guardian should be appointed to ensure that the financial and social needs of a person are properly managed. We work with your family to determine the least restrictive solution. Guardianships can be extremely sensitive for families and our goal throughout the process is to work with the family to make the process as smooth and non-disruptive as possible.

Guardianship of a Minor

When a minor receives funds that they cannot manage due to their age, a guardian is appointed by the court to properly manage their assets until they are of legal age. Whether a mother, father, or other family member is appointed, a guardianship over a minor’s property is a streamlined process with the court system.

Sometimes when adoption or temporary custody is not an option, Guardianship can of a Minor can be utilized to enable family or friends to care for a child.

Guardian Advocacy

Individuals with a developmental disability may qualify for a Guardian Advocacy, which can be a less complicated and expensive process than a Guardianship. Guardianships are a great way to personally and legally assist your family members by managing their finances, healthcare, and safety. A common misconception about guardianships is that it’s always a legal battle. We want to guide and encourage healthy relationships amongst families, so it doesn’t result in a legal feud. Our mission is to console your family members in a loving way and give the best advice. We can advise the best legal decision in our caring atmosphere to keep your family members safe.

Let us help your family through this process.

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