A very special adoption story


The attached article describes a recent adoption in which I had the honor of participating. This adoption final hearing was especially poignant for many reasons.

I have known the child adopted, Annie, for several years. I represented her as an attorney ad litem while she moved from home to home in our dependency system. Annie’s birth mother loves her very much but is unable to care for her due to mental illness. While Annie is a loving, fun and fabulous child, she was never matched with a family for a myriad of reasons (basically, bad luck).

I have also known Jessica, Annie’s adoptive mom, for several years. Jessica has been an amazing caseworker in Florida’s dependency system for most of her career. She is the type of worker that solves problems and makes things happen. I remember Jessica once offering to do a home study that would require her to drive 100+ miles and work over the weekend to ensure that a child could be moved quickly despite the fact that this was absolutely not her responsibility.

Annie simply wanted a family and Jessica has given her this. I am so happy that these two amazing people found each other and were able to make a family through the adoption process. People like Jessica and Annie are the reason I go to work every morning with a smile and a dedicated heart.

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