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At the Law Office of  Mary K Wimsett, we focus on assisting all involved in the adoption process including the birth mother and/or birth father and the adoptive family.  Mary K. Wimsett has finalized hundreds of adoptions, helping these families become whole.  Even though we focus on Florida adoption, there are many variables and types of adoption with which we have extensive experience.

Florida Adoption Law Overview

Adoption is the legal act of placing a child with a parent or set of parents other than the child’s birth mother or father.  The adoptive parents, whether relatives adopting a child, adopting a child from the foster care system or finding a potential birth mother with an unborn child, are legally and morally responsible for the well-being and development of the child.  Those that decide to adopt must go through an extensive process of investigations and background check including a home study. Adoption can be rewarding for all involved but can also be very expensive, time consuming and at time, bewildering.  As an experienced Adoption Law Firm, the Law Office of Mary K. Wimsett can assist in reducing the roadblocks to finalizing an adoption. There are various State and Federal laws to which adoptive parents must abide. This is why we suggest both birth mothers and potential adoptive parents contact an experienced and understanding adoption attorney.  By working with a reputable adoption attorney, people can rest assured that the adoption process will be as free of complications as possible. If you are considering adoption in Florida, contact the Law Office of Mary K. Wimsett today for your free adoption case evaluation.  Our adoption lawyers will address your concerns and answer all of your questions with both the compassion and experience you deserve in this noble undertaking.

Types of Adoption in Florida | Closed Adoption | Open Adoption

Essentially there are two main types of Adoption: closed adoption and open adoption. Closed adoption is when the adoptive parents do not meet or know the birth parents.  In an open adoption, the adoptive parents meet, know, or work with the birth mother or father.  During an open adoption, the adoptive parent(s) and birth parent(s) can agree on certain terms, including how long the birth parent or parents will know the child and how involved the birth mother and/or father are with the adoptive parents and the child.

Adoptions can be further classified into subcategories including:

Whether just starting to contemplate an adoption, looking to finalize an adoption, or you are considering giving your child up for adoption, you should contact an attorney experienced in adoption.  Contact the Law Office of Mary K. Wimsett via email, one of our social networks or call (352) 379-1900 for a confidential and free initial adoption consultation.


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