Relative Adoptions in Florida

Many of my clients are surprised to learn how simple and relatively inexpensive a relative adoption can be. In Florida, relatives can adopt within the third degree without a home study. The price of a home study in Florida typically ranges between $800-$2000 and thus eliminating this expense can significantly reduce costs.

Moreover, unlike a typical adoption proceeding, the relative can directly file for adoption without first terminating parental rights. This results in one legal proceeding, instead of two or more, thus reducing attorney time and costs. Many birth parents are willing to consent to a relative adoption and eliminate their child support obligations. When a parent consents, the cost of the adoption is significantly reduced.

As with any legal proceeding, there can be issues that increase the cost. For example, if a parent is missing or difficult to locate, the relative would have to complete a diligent search and possibly constructive service resulting in increased attorney time and costs. Or if a parent contests the adoption, there can be significant litigation costs. Despite these potential obstacles, relative adoptions are generally quick and affordable.  If you have any questions about adopting a child in Florida, you should contact a Florida Adoption Attorney to prevent unnecessary costs and heartache.

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